Getting Started

FAQ and Common Issues

  • How do I get a starter?

    See Starting your journey

  • How do I do <X>

    Check if there is a hotkey you can assin for <X> in the controls section of the minecraft options.

  • I Died, where did my pokémobs go?

    On death, your pokémobs should go to the PC, you can usually find a PC in each pokecenter, or you can craft one yourself

  • I checked PC, it didn’t go there!

    Sometimes your mob might not have recalled when you died, in this case, you need to go back to where you left it, and then it should either still be there, or should recall when you get back.

  • It still isn’t there!

    Something may have gone wrong, in this case, run /pokecube restore give @p, and then click on the name of the mob in chat, you may need to click on the [] around the name rather than the text itself. More information about /pokecube restore can be found at /pokecube restore.

  • Where does <X> spawn?

    Check in the Pokewatch, you can search for <X> in there, and then it can give a general idea of where to search. You may need to search for lower evolutions instead.

  • I went where the Pokewatch said to go, but still cannot find it!

    The initial location information does not fully account for extra conditions, such as time of day, or required subbiomes. You may need to search around the general area until the mob appears in the Local Spawns page.

  • I tried to catch <X>, but it didn’t go in the pokécube!

    if <X> is a special or otherwise legendary pokémob, it may have capture requirements, in that case, check Legends and Quests for more information.

  • I Placed a <X>, and now I can’t pick it back up!

    Some blocks are “protected”, some examples of these are:

    • pokecenter

    • PC

    Blocks like these can be instantly broken (and will drop) by left clicking them with a stick, provided that you were the player who placed the block.