Commands in Pokécube

Pokécube adds a variety of commands, mostly for debugging/utility purposes. These commands are discussed below.

Note that any argument which is represented surrounded by [] is optional. A large number of these commands offer tab completion, so ensure to check those options ingame for valid values.


This is the base command for some of the OP utility commands. These commands are meant to be used by admins.


  • cull - This will remove any wild pokémobs not near a player

  • kill - This kills all wild pokémobs

  • kill_all - this kills all pokémobs

  • count - This will display the number of each type of pokémob currently loaded, it will include wild and tamed pokémobs

  • restore - This is used to recover lost/missing pokémobs

  • reset <user> - This allows the target to select a new starter

/pokecube restore

This command then takes a few additional arguments:

  • check <player> [name] - [name] is optional, this will print a list of pokémobs owned by <player>, and clicking on the name (or the [] around the name) will teleport the user to the last known location of the pokémob. The user may need to first transfer to the dimension the pokémob was last seen in, as this command does not track the last known dimension

  • give <player> [name] - similar to check, however clicking will instead give you the pokécube for the pokémob, you can then send this to the owner’s PC by tossing it, or send it out by throwing it.

  • clear <player> - This will clear the cache for the targetted player, Only use this if their cache is too corrupted to use!

There are then versions of these options, with _pc and _deleted, which list pokémobs last seen in PC, or pokémobs which were intentionally released/deleted by the owner.


This command is used to recall pokémobs, it will only work if the target pokémob is in a loaded chunk. If a player has abandoned a pokémob somewhere, and that chunk has unloaded, this command will not work, and they will need to go back to where they left it before they can recall it.

This command takes one of the following arguments:

  • name - targets by the given name

  • all - targets all of your mobs

  • staying - targets your mobs set to “stay”

  • sitting - targets your mobs set to “sit”


This command will spawn a pokémob, based on the arguments given. The general format of this command is as follows:

/pokemake <pokemob> <arguents>

where <pokemob> is the name of the pokémob to spawn, and <arguments> is explained below:

if the first value in <arguments> is a valid player selector, then that player will be assigned ownership of the spawned mob. Otherwise, arguments are usually a single letter, optionally preceeding a : followed by a value.

Valid such arguments are below:

  • s - Makes the pokémob shiny

  • item:<var> - <var> is a valid argument for /give, it will assign this as the held item for the pokémob

  • l:<level> - Sets the level of the pokémob to <level>

  • f:<name> - Assigns the alternate texture/model for this mob, useful for unown, alcremie, etc

  • x:<f|m> - Sets the gender to male (m) or female (f)

  • r:<int> - Sets the (integer) red value for the pokémob

  • g:<int> - Sets the (integer) green value for the pokémob

  • b:<int> - Sets the (integer) blue value for the pokémob

  • a:<name> - Gives the pokémob the ability <name>

  • m:<name> - Adds <name> as a move for the mob, this argument can be repeated up to 4 times with different moves. Use /poketm to determine the valid options for this argument

  • v:<x,y,z> - Spawns the pokémob with an offset defined by <x,y,z>

  • i:<ivs> - Sets the IVs for the mob, <ivs> should either be a single number, or a , separated list of 6 numbers

  • w - Does the same initialization as for wild spawns (may trigger evolution, etc)

  • h:<size> - Sets the mob’s size

  • p:<nature> - Sets the nature of the pokémob to <nature>

  • n:<name> - Sets the nickname for the pokémob


This command takes the same arguments as /pokemake, however then converts the mob into an egg. This may result in loss of some of the information (such as nickname, etc)


This command is used as:

/poketm <movename> [player]

It will generate a TM for the move <movename>, and if present, will give it to [player], otherwise it will give it to the user of the command.


This command is used to enter/exit secret bases, without needing to use the blocks created with secretpower.


This command summons an explosive meteor at the user’s coordinates It takes an additional argument of the power of the blast to use, otherwise it uses a power of 100. The size of the blast can be adjusted via the meteor related options in pokecube-common.toml and the explosion related options in thutcore-common.toml.